Australia is one of the most popular migration destinations in the world. Qualified professionals from all over the world are coming to Australia because of its high quality of life and secure economic future. Australia, an English-speaking country, is not only easier to integrate into, but it also has a more global culture as a result of its large migrant population.Its enviable citizen benefits and forward-thinking legislation make it an excellent place to raise a family.The application process has been overhauled by Australia’s pioneering immigration department to save processing time. However, to take advantage of this, you’ll need a full and correct application package. SibghaTullah & Partners has a specialist Australia migration team with the skills and experience to assist you in filing an application with the best chances of success.Our team of experts can evaluate your application and assist you in filing it with confidence.

In Three Easy Steps, You Can Migrate to Australia!
First step: The Australian visa

A visa is the first stage in the immigration process. Before visiting Australia, you will almost certainly need to apply for a visa at an Australian embassy or consulate. A visa is a travel document that allows you to enter, leave, or remain in Australia for a certain purpose and period of time.Visas for study, job, and business are among the many types of visas available in Australia. With VEVO, you can quickly verify the validity and details of your visa in Australia (Visa Entitlement Verification Online).


Second step: Permanent Residence in Australia

Visas are only valid for a limited time and do not allow you to live and work in Australia permanently. You must seek for permanent residence status in order to do so. In some situations, you may be able to enter the nation as a permanent resident.You may need to apply for a bridging visa while changing your status to permanent resident to ensure that you are not living in Australia illegally. When your visa has expired and you are awaiting a new status, you will be awarded this form of visa.

The following are some of the advantages of holding Australian Permanent Resident status:

Subsidised education in an Australian institution is possible.

The ability to apply for Medicare, Australia’s national health insurance programme.

After a year, you can seek for citizenship.

More Information on How to Apply for Permanent Residency:

Through your family, partner or spouse, children, or relatives who are financially dependent on you.

Through employment or work, most frequently through the General Skilled Trades.

SkillSelect or the Global Migration Programme (GSM).

As a refugee or as a person with humanitarian status.



Third Step: Citizenship in Australia

You may be qualified to become an Australian citizen after a period of time as a permanent resident! This is the last step in the migration process, and it offers the most advantages to you and your family.

The following are some of the advantages of becoming an Australian citizen:

The democratic right to vote

A passport issued by Australia

Paperwork is less bureaucratic. You won’t have to apply for a Resident Return Visa every time you go, nor will you have to renew it every five years to keep your Permanent Resident status

For your non-Australian children, citizenship sponsorship is available

Having access to the student loan system can help you save money on your education


Australian Citizenship Requirements:

You have resided in Australia for four years lawfully and consistently, have been a permanent resident for at least one year, and meet the residence requirements; or

You have an Australian citizen as a parent; or

You were adopted in accordance with the Hague Convention in its entirety.

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